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Kinghom International Group offers a vast range of services from different types of inspections to satisfy the specific inspections requirements of different customers. Our team has rich experience in Customs clearance, China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine)(CIQ) inspection application. We maintain sound good relationship with local Customs House, CIQ, Harbor authorities, shipping lines.We have been proficient at the Customs clearance ,CIQ inspection application flow, procedureof general international trading, Processing trade manual and temporary tradeproducts together with other commodities.We supply high efficient and all-around Customs clearance service together with providing optimalCustoms clearance program,Commodities classification, Customs duty preparation and import cargo valueverification consultancy and other further value-added services.

Service Particulars

◆ Acting import/export cargo Customs clearance/declaration
◆ Goods transfer from one Customs jurisdiction to another
◆ Relevantlaw and regulations of Customs of the People’s Republic of China and CIQ consulting
◆ Electronic account books
◆ Import and export cargo inspection and quarantine,fumigate
◆ JurisdictionalCustoms declaration andSeaport Customs check out
◆ Application form of reduction or exemption tax
HandlingProducts Categories

◆ Agricultural and forestry products: raw log, planks/boards, sesame etc.
◆ Textile materials: cotton yarn, linters, coconut shell fiber,palm fiber etc
◆ Food materials: tapioca flour, food additive etc.
◆ Industrial raw materials: plastic granule, rubber etc.
◆ Pre-packaged food: wine, beer, biscuit, chocolate, Date Crown, sea sedge, cassava residue etc.
◆ Maternal and baby supplies : paper diaper.
◆ Cosmetics :shower gel, body lotion, bath cream
◆ Meat : frozen pork, beef, mutton and chicken claw etc.
◆ Dangerous goods :class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 such as paint, printing ink
◆ Used mechanical and electrical products:used production line, machinery and equipment
◆ Awkward and heavy lifts :over-width, over-length, over height, over-weightmachinery and equipment such as locomotives, distillation tower,floating ramp, boarding bridge etc.

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