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In order to satisfyour customers’ ever-increasing warehousing requirements,Kinghom International Group has integrated multitudinous warehousing resources equipped with high standard modern management hardware, furnishing service of high quality. The accomplishment of integration of storage enhance Kinghom International Group to provide our valued customers with extensive range of services covering import and export devanning, stuffing, warehousing, picking, labeling and distribution service for food, plastic cargoes, agricultural and forestry products, machinery and equipment, awkward and heavy lifts, hazardous cargo and so on. The standardization, informatization, securitization, automotion and visualization of warehousing management guarantee our management efficiently and timely.

In the meantime Kinghom International Group co-operates closely with numerous water shipping companies, domestic transportteams, domestic airlines.We render multiform complete course dispatching to meet with various cargo transport demands.

Services particulars

◆ 1)Bonded or non-bonded cargoes warehousing management service.
◆ 2)Informatization and visualization warehousing management system.
◆ 3)Suppliers inventory management system.
◆ 4)Domestic and overseasexpressage service.
◆ 5)24-hour warehousing and logistics services.
◆ 6)Diverse logistics transportation service.

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